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The Boreal Herbal

Matteo Grassi

If you haven't seen Canada's Best Selling herbal book The Boreal Herbal you are missing a wonderful experience. It is beautifully written and illustrated, the author is deeply immersed in her subject matter. Her journalistic background is clearly evident drawing you in to experience the treasures of the world'ss northern forests. These forests form a circle around the northern lattitudes of the world similar to the rain forests of the tropics.
We had the pleasure of giving a great welcome to author Beverley Gray when she shared her experience with us lst Saturday (March 9th 2013) at our clinic in Health and Herbs Galway.
She talked us through beautiful slide shows of the Yukon and Norway, shared stories from First World Nations from her region. 
As always it is the stories that catch our interest and engage us in another world.
However Bev brought that right back home and down to earth as she showed us how to make a soothing salve very simply, using a recipe from her book 'The Boreal Herbal'.

Order your copy from Health and Herbs. We are currently awating a new order as Bev sold us out completely. We will hold your book for you on its arrival.

Thank you to all who made the event such a success, especially to Keith Finnegan on Galway Bay FM Radio, his interview with Bev generated a great deal of interest

To order: Tel 091 583260


Matteo Grassi


This is our last ‘away’ weekend of the year, this is good as the nights draw in and the wind howls and you know it is time to hibernate around the wood burning stove with the flames of peat adding an earthy aroma and bright yellow flame.
When I say ‘our’ last weekend on the road I refer to the whole team who prepare the logistics, design the banners and man the stalls.

Over recent months we have been to Bloom garden Festival at the invitation of Woodies DIY, the Ploughing Championships, Allergy Expo in Dublin and Cork. From Cork I went to lecture the Pharmacy students in Athlone Institute of Technology and one of the slides I was dreaming up was advocating self care as a key to success. This lead me to reflect on why I feel so fortunate: my work life is so happy because I do what I love and I have a team to support me with the aspects for which I have neither the affinity nor the aptitude. The amazing (to me) realization that other people love to administer, technify (new word for the English language) and organize makes me feel grateful and humble in equal measure. Because of the team I get to do more of what I love, which is mostly talking and teaching!! Watch out for our Academy launch of the Introduction to Herbal Medicine on-line course. Just piloting it as we speak.

So thank you and appreciation for team effort. We are always willing to help where we can and let us know of difficulties with any of our platforms for keeping you involved and informed. Don’t forget to exercise as a break from hibernating. 
Dance around the kitchen table if it is truly wicked outside.


Reflections to my trip to India

Matteo Grassi

Gratitudes for the landscape that surrounds me on the west of Ireland is the coming home feeling I am enjoying following my recent visit to Rishikesh in Northern India. Rishikesh is a small town on the Mother Ganges river which flows with fierce energy and currents through the ‘alternative yoga and meditation’ centre outside the main town. This has grown up around the initial inspiration and following of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi immortalized by the Beatles who came here at the height of their fame and celebrity, and I can understand why.

I had not done yoga since an introductory course ten years ago, and had only recently dipped a toe in the meditation phenomenon that is now so prevalent.

I would not have travelled to India were it not for my youngest son who has been travelling in India for almost 6 months, realizing great personal growth and having a great time. It was a wonderful time of connection and openness to new experiences.

I was very lucky to find a yoga class that was challenging but very supportive and welcoming.  The practice of Satya Yoga with Rajeev was energizing, balancing and meditative as well as physically challenging. 

Click on for full review.

I enjoyed daily meditation sessions with singing, dancing and blissfulness that challenged all my preconceptions about meditation. This experience shook out a lot of old energy and spring-cleaned the cupboards of my soul to let in new light and energy. The white water rafting on the River Ganges was another highlight of my two week glimpse of a slice of India. As I say I have returned home with a renewed energy to appreciate each moment, embrace my home landscape and connect with each person on the planet, be they in India, Africa or my next-door neighbours. We all breathe the same air and see the same stars. Sometimes we need to travel to see our own land with new eyes. 


Thank you to all the kindnesses offered to strangers and wanderers, I encountered only warmth and friendliness throughout my trip. If you would like to see an inspiring photo-gallery of Connemara landscapes see I have followed the progress of Charlie and Dervla with their wonderful cultural centre since my return to Ireland in 1999 and they are ‘the real deal’. Connemara's landscape connects us to native medicinal herbs and plants that support our physical and spiritual healing.