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Revitalises the energy flow in the body leaving the person feeling deeply relaxed and restoring the natural balance of the body.



Martina Coen

Biodynamic Massage & Integrative Psychotherapist

I trained with the Trácht Psychotherapy Foundation in Kinvara, Co. Galway.  Biodynamic Massage & Integrative Psychotherapy works with the body, mind and spirit and is grounded in the Humanistic approach to therapy thereby taking account of the ‘whole’ person.

I work on a one to one basis with clients in Health and Herbs, offering a space for exploring areas where the person may be experiencing blockages in their lives, which are preventing them from reaching their true potential. 

A person may consider therapy when faced with problems such as:-

Stress / Anxiety Feelings of Hopelessness
Relationship Issues Low Self Esteem
Lack of Confidence Depression
General feeling of dissatisfaction – something is ‘missing’ in their life.

I work with the client in the ‘here and now’ to explore how past experiences have shaped that person and I provide the space for the person to ‘unlearn’ the old limiting ways and to move into a happier and more healthful way of being.

Bereavement, Loss & Grief

In addition to my psychotherapy training, I have also trained with the Irish Hospice Foundation / Royal College of Surgeons Ireland in the area of Bereavement, Loss and Grief.  Death itself is universal but the way in which each person grieves is unique to him or her  - each will face their own personal journey in coming to terms with their loss.  It is common during this time to experience feelings of anger, relief, forgetfulness, sadness or loneliness.  It can be beneficial to talk to someone who will listen in a non-judgemental way and I provide the space for the person to express what he or she is feeling. 


I also practice Reiki; a gentle ancient therapy which treats the whole person - body, mind and spirit.  It is a ‘hands on’ healing technique which revitalises the energy flow in the body leaving the person feeling deeply relaxed and restoring the natural balance of the body.

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)

As part of the overall holistic approach to my work, I also combine the therapy IET.  Using this gentle healing therapy, I work with clients to help integrate the distress of the past with a more joyful present, which ultimately helps the person to reach for their true potential. 


Phone: 087 7552235


 Katie Motyka 

 I am a fully qualified Physical Therapist and I have been studying therapy for the past 14 years with a vast amount of experience and great joy of helping patients in their recovery. I'm a very driven therapist providing the best possible care and attention to people in need of physiotherapeutic rehabilitation.

In 2007 I qualified as physiotherapist and during my time of studying in Poland I gained invaluable experience helping hospital patients with their physical recovery. This experience has given me the motivation to excel as a therapist. I have since moved to Ireland and spent a couple of years developing my profession completing CIBTAC, ITEC and FETAC

diploma. In 2011 I undertook Proprioceptive Neuromuscular

Facilitation course with International PNF Association under supervision of Dr. Matthias Schultz. I have obtained a Bachelor degree in Physical Therapy and Applied Health Science at IPTAS. (2015) I am a full member of Irish Association of Physical Therapist insured with Balens Insurance Company.

Tel: (353)867318498




Mary Kenny

She offers a wide range of holistic massage from sports massage to relaxing massage. 
"I have a range of services to help you cope with the modern world while helping you to look and feel your best."

Massage therapy treatments: Indian Head Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Sports Massage.

To book an appointment call Mary on 0879641246.

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Jenny Kelly pic small.jpg

jenny kelly

Jenny Kelly is a qualified Remedial & Sports Massage therapist and Dr Vodder trained Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapist.

In leading an active life and feeling the usual aches and pains of day to day living in my own body, I developed an interest in the biomechanics of the body to firstly resolve my own ailments. However, when I talked to others about their experiences and felt the benefits of massage treatments, my interest in the body developed further and led me to study Sports Massage Therapy with the National School of Remedial Therapy (NSRT).

Whilst studying, a relative was diagnosed with cancer and underwent surgery (hysterectomy) and consequently developed secondary lymphoedema in her leg. Secondary lymphoedema because it was as a result of the surgery. During the procedure they had to remove some lymph nodes which created a blockage in the lymphatic system. As the lymphatic fluid has nowhere to go this creates swelling (oedema) and became very uncomfortable. Living in Belgium her follow up care provided Manual Lymphatic Drainage as part of her post surgery care. I was amazed by its results and decided to learn more.

The lymphatic system is our filtering system, it clears out any unwanted waste from our body and boosts our immune system. A fully functioning lymphatic system helps to clear inflammatory conditions such as sinusitis, acne and rosacea. It can help to reduce swelling and the treatment itself helps with pain relief and can ease stress levels due to the slow, gentle, rhythmic movements of the massage.

Each person has approximately 600 lymph nodes in their body and these essentially act like a filtering station to clear out what is needed and return “the good stuff” into circulation throughout the body, boosting the immune system. Therefore if you have nodes removed during surgery a blockage occurs impacting the body’s natural ability to drain effectively. Manual lymphatic drainage allows the therapist to redirect the fluid to other nodes throughout the body and continue the process.

I returned to study in 2012 and qualified as a Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) therapist the same year from MLD Tuition in Cork. I studied the Dr Vodder method – so named after Dr Emil Vodder, a Danish biologist who developed the therapy in the 1936. My experience with MLD to date has been a fascinating one and I am constantly delighted by its effectiveness, as are my clients.

I am delighted to now be based at Health & Herbs on Sea Road and look forward to welcoming you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me on 087 2707473 for an appointment.