I love the bitters! They have helped me so much with digestion! I also enjoy having a couple of drops of stevia with my black tea.
— A. Kelly
My mother had cancer in her 80’s and 90’s. She suffered with constipation. The most gentle and effective treatment was Dr Dilis Clare’s Cleansing Capsules. We would have been lost without them as the other prescribed drugs were very tough on her.
— M.T. Galway
Dr Clare’s Chest and Sinus Blend worked magic for me. I was coughing for three months. My husband told me to do something about that cough. I had taken four courses of antibiotics and inhalers. My daughter’s friend sent a bottle of Chest and Sinus and I will follow up with Immune Tonic. I’ve been telling everyone!
— Breda, Galway
The last month or so I have found, sometimes on waking, that I am on my side. What a wonderful surprise after months of only being able to sleep on my back.
I can’t thank you enough Dr Clare. I attribute your herbal remedies, specifically designed for me at consultation, as core to the significant improvements in my quality of life and well being that have occurred since my first consultation.
I was put on Red Rice Yeast capsules for cholesterol and they have worked very well for me. My cholesterol is down to 4.7. (Call Health and Herbs at 091 583260 to order)
— M. Faherty
Cold & Flu Tea and Sinus Blend has saved me from my usual three antibiotics per winter (and Vitamin C all winter). I have found that I have to take it immediately as I get a tickle in my throat and a sore ear. I feel the tea warm the cockles of my heart.
— (H.C.)
I have been taking Valerian Blend 3 times daily, for five days per week. Even though I still have my worries and concerns I am not getting hot and anxious and I no longer have a pain in my chest. I have to say I am very happy with the effect of the product.
— (Anon)
My wife found the Dilis Clare ‘Cough and Cold’ mixture fantastic!!
— B. Joyce, Galway
I use Dr. Clare’s Bitters Blend for helping me through a busy socialising lifestyle. Taking it before and after I go out and the next day really helps me get back to myself.
— M.G.
Dr Clare’s Teas have helped my blood circulation - I used to get awaken a few times a night with a dead arm (I use hand held power tools for 10hrs per day) and since drinking the teas daily the dead arm has stopped.
— B.P. Wicklow
Oh my God these suppositories really work. I only used them overnight and I am much more comfortable today and for the first time in months I have had no bleeding. It makes it much easier to breastfeed my 3 1/2 month old baby because I am more relaxed and comfortable.
— L. F, Galway
Re Children’s Cough Blend: When my children show any signs of onset of cold or cough I give them this blend before things get worse. It works most of the time. It’s my go-to remedy.
— M. Hume (mother of 4)
Using Valerian Relax Blend for Autism makes life easier. It helps with meltdowns due to being out of routine and doing things he doesn’t want to. He goes through phases of more intensive meltdowns and the headbanging increases. At these times the Valerian Relax Blend and Applied Behaviour Analysis techniques really help.
Also, the Valerian Relax Blend along with the Digestive Blend and Digestive Enzymes help with his constipation.
— A.M. Galway
I never leave the house without my ‘throat spray’, when I’m singing I use it often. People always ask what it is that I’m spraying in my mouth.
— Mary Coughlan
I used the DCs blend for around a year, I found that it really did fix my symptoms. I do use it now but only very rarely as required. It genuinely worked for me, I no longer need Nexium which I’d been taking for 5 years at €100/month. My supply went out of date.
— (Anon, Galway)
Completely cleared my guttae psoriasis with chickweed and a skin clear and bitter blend. Thanks so much!!
— D. Clarke 10/2014
Allergy Support Blend has completely relieved my hay fever. I had previously hated April to June. However 4 weeks of Allergy Support Blend and it is walks outdoors every day without the sneezing and sore eyes! Highly recommended.
— Ger B.
Boswellia - taken for several months and had great results for back, shoulder and neck pain. No side effects either.
— Anne